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Zap Productions is the facility of Lewis Manné, a cameraman/editor, well established in the Broadcast, Commercial and Corporate video production industry in Canada.

With a whole lot of experience and not a lot of attitude, Lewis has worked throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Just a sample of his credits:


  • Mission Services Video & News Release
  • Canada Basketball Be One Video
  • Photos in a Draw Music Video
  • International Osteoporosis Foundation Julie Payette Commercial
  • Harry Potter News Release & B-Roll. (Amazon.com)
  • CHAMPS PSA Adrian Anantawan The War Amps
  • CHAMPS PSA Matching Mothers The War Amps
  • Cialus News Release & B-Roll. (National Public Relations)
  • WeightSmart News Release & B-Roll. (National Public Relations)
  • RAI International– Regular News Items for Italian TV. (Cloud 9)
  • Ebay News Release & B-Roll. (Cohn & Wolfe)
  • The Professor’s Secret 2 x TV Commercials. (New Vision Response)
  • Ice Sculpture Station ID's- CTV News
  • Monster Madness- Fox Kids TV
  • Slappy's Side Show Saturday- Fox Kids TV
  • The Three Tenors- USA Concert Spots
  • Poppa - Music Video - Country Music Television
  • Tranquility - Hennie Bekker - 3 x TV Commercials
  • Juno Beach to Caen- Gold Award/Houston Worldfest
  • Normandy 1944 - A Musical Tribute - Gold Award/Questar
  • Take No Prisoners- Gold/Cindy Awards
  • The Terry Fox Story - CBS
  • Christmas for Sara Betts- Syndicated Drama
  • John McDermott - The Tragedy of War - Bronze/ Mercury Awards
  • Jon Paul Says Playsafe- Grand Prize Winner/Astrid Awards
  • Normandy 1944 - A Musical Tribute - Gold Award/Houston Worldfest


  • Rogers Music video & DVD for new store openings. (SOCS)
  • Canada Basketball NEDA New Training Video
  • International Osteoporosis Foundation World Convention DOP
  • Nikon Video & DVD for new products. (BrandWorks)
  • Whirlpool Video & DVD for new products. (Marcom Group)
  • Intel New product launch. (Cohn & Wolfe)
  • Simmons 12 training tapes. (Marcom Group)
  • RHINO Ecosystems Inc.- International Product Launch
  • Johnson & Johnson - Interactive CD ROM Medical Series
  • RCMP- Series of Interactive CD ROM's
  • Lego Connecticut - Product Orientation
  • M&M Meats- Franchise Marketing
  • Borden Foods- Corporate Music Video
  • Sick Children’s Hospital Toronto Interactive CD Rom & Video (IBM)
  • Michaela Foster Marsh- Electronic Press Kit


For details contact Lewis Manné at (416) 598-3103,
Email info@zapproductions.com

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