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Lewis Manné, the shooter, operates as a two man crew with Bruce Johnson, audio man "extraordinaire".

The shooting package is based on a two person, ten hour day. The package consists of:

  • 730s HDCAM with Canon 4.7 x 11 HD wide angle lens with x 2 extender
  • Follow focus and remote
  • Fujinon AT A15x8 BEVM-28 lens (Additional Charge)
  • 12 hours continuous Lithium Ion battery power plus AC power supply.
  • Sachtler Video 20 tripod with dolly wheels
  • Marshall HD portable monitor with sun visor
  • Panasonic 9” SD portable monitor
  • Sony PVM-8044 Q portable SD AC/DC monitor
  • Shure FP32A, portable, 3 input, stereo audio mixer
  • 2 x Sennheizer shotgun mics
  • Micron wireless mic
  • Sennheizer wireless mic
  • 2 x Tram TR505 interview mics
  • 4 x Arri bluebell lights
  • 3 x Strand Bambinos
  • 4 x Tota umbrella lights
  • 2 x Chimera soft boxes
  • 4 x Dedo lights with projector and scrims


All the equipment has flight cases that meet international aviation standards


For details contact Lewis Manné at (416) 598-3103,
Email info@zapproductions.com

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